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Mock Potato salad with biltong

If you are eating low carb and miss the potato salad, then this is the most ideal "potato" salad for you, and for those of us who just like to eat tasty, healthy, real food. Delicious served alongside a barbeque or as a great lunch salad or low carb dinner option.

It looks just like potato salad, tastes like potato salad but without the carbs of course.


1 Head of cauliflower, medium size, chopped into florets. [remove the stalkers and cut into bite size pieces)

2 Onions, diced

1 cup of your favourite mayonnaise.

Salt & Pepper to taste approx 1/2 tsp.

1/4 Cup, chives, chopped

60g Biltong, chopped *Keep some aside for garnish

3 Hard boiled eggs, sliced * Keep one aside for garnish

Rocket for garnish


Place chopped cauliflower florets into a large bowl. Add the chopped onion mayonnaise and salt and pepper and fold till florets are coated in mayonnaise. Add chives and toss in. Add biltong and and eggs and very gently toss into the salad.

Assemble into a serving dish and garnish with some biltong, egg slices and a bit of rocket or herbs.

SERVES 6 - 8

VARIATIONS: Add nuts, grated cheese or peppers for variety.
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