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Potato & Biltong Salad

This delighful summer biltong and potato salad was created with our Piri Piri Biltong by @windsor_foodie as Spring in the UK arrived. Light, creamy and delicious.
"I wanted to create a delicious side dish that would be awesome with your BBQs! This potato salad is so fresh, vibrant and tasty and has a light creamy sauce spiked with a very mild heat from Piri Piri sauce which is then complimented by the biltong of the same flavour, however the smokey BBQ flavour biltong would also work really well in this!" - @windsor_foodie

INGREDIENTS: (serves 3-4):

?1kg New potatoes, skins left on, boiled until fork tender, water drained off,
?4 tbsp soured cream,
?️2 tbsp Piri Piri sauce,
?1 sachet @originalbiltongco Piri Piri biltong, chopped finely,
?80g cucumber, chopped finely,
?3 spring onions, chopped finely,
?2 handfuls wild rocket leaves,
?A few fresh mint and parsley leaves, chopped,
?Salt and pepper to season.

?Simply add all the ingredients into a bowl and toss together until everything is evenly distributed and the potatoes coated evenly in the sauce.
Refrigerate and cover until ready to serve.

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