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Biltong is essentially cured and air dried meat. The technique of meat preservation used to create biltong was used by the indigenous people of South Africa.   It was later, also adopted by European settlers to Africa in the 17th century who added vinegars and spices. The Dutch arrived in South Africa during the 19th Century and were the first to name the dried meat biltong. “Bille” for buttock and “tonghe” meaning strip. 

Meats such as  beef, venison, ostrich and kudu are marinated in a blend of vinegars and other natural herbs and spices to enhance flavour and create the biltong we know and love today.

Droëwors is a traditionally air dried and cured beef sausage known as boerewors. The word is also of Dutch decent originating in South Africa and means Boere – (farmer) and worst (sausage).  Boerewors is typically made with black pepper, salt, coriander and cloves – a mouthwatering, and moreish meat stick snack with a fantastic snap sound when you break off bite size pieces to munch.  Shared with friends and best with a beer.

We source traceable high quality grass fed British & Irish Beef silverside from farms with regenerative farming practices in place to make our biltong and droewors.   

Our biltong is made right here in the UK in Chesham, Buckinghamshire.  We have our very own purpose built factory allowing us to be hands on in our process to ensure our biltong maintains its artisanal charm.  No one makes our biltong for us.  It is quality checked and processed by our own director, Wayne, and his team of butchers.

Unfortunately we are not Halaal Certified.

Biltong is a healthy food.  Grass fed beef, which we use in our biltong, is rich in vitamin B12, B3, and B6.  Beef also contains highly bioavailable iron, selenium, and zinc, making beef Biltong a great choice when it comes to selecting healthy meat snacks.

Biltong is healthier than jerky in many aspects.   Jerky is often cooked or dehydrated and most often than not, sugar is added throughout the process.  Biltong, on the other hand, is air dried and cured with vinegars making it a healthier alternative to jerky.

Biltong contains approximately 60g of protein per 100g serving.  Our snack bags contain 18g of protein.   

Most adults need about 0.8g of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.  This may be enough to prevent deficiency, but the amount you need depends on many factors, including activity level, age, muscle mass, training goals and overall health.    We recommend seeking medical or professional advice when calculating a protein intake suitable for you. 

Our biltong contains no additives.  We believe that the best tasting biltong comes only from using natural ingredients without fillers or additives.

We have a low salt content considering Biltong is cured using salt.  Our biltong contains between 1.2g and 3.5g salt per 100g. A product considered low in sodium is below 3.g per 100g.  

We recommend that once open, you eat your 30g and 40g biltong bags within 48hours.  

Our larger 250g resealable bags, should be refrigerated once opened and consumed within 8-10 days if you can resist that long.

Biltong is an excellent food source when following a Keto, Paleo or low carb diet.  

For those of you who have never tried biltong before, we recommend our Taste Box.  You get all 6 of our biltong variants to try.   

Alterntiavely, we release a sample of our biltong every two or three months.   Click here to put your details down to receive an email when we next send out our samples.   

Our biltong is made with no allergens or nitrates. 

Presently no, but we will be launching an organic biltong soon. Watch this space.

Our biltong is made from traceable grass fed British and Irish beef from farmers who use regenerative farming practices.



Our biltong is shipped in suitable cardboard boxes for shipping.

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Delivery is, more often than not, included in our cost.  Some products contain an additional shipping charge, and these are calculated at check out.

We currently do not ship outside the UK.

Our 250g resealable bags, our 5 x 30g snack bags and our small taste box are small enough to fit through most letterboxes.    Our other items will not fit through your letterbox.     We recommend that when ordering, place a delivery address where someone will be in to receive your delicious delivery.  A card will be left by Royal mail to advise that a delivery was attempted with details to reschedule or collect your order from your local delivery depot.

If for some reason your order has been lost during the shipment process we will replace your order.  If your order has been delivered by Royal mail but not received, we will investigate and attempt to recover the item for you.  If we cannot recover and it is clear that Royal mail delivered to an incorrect address, we will also replace your order.  

We cannot accept responsibility for orders delivered to an incorrect address given at check out.  


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