Authentically Cured Meats

Authentically Cured Meats

Authentically Cured Meats


Our Story

“Raised outdoors with the African sun overhead and the soil beneath my feet I inherently developed an appreciation for life.

I also inherited my family’s profound passion and art of producing foods with respect for the environment to share from our table.
When I moved to London as a lad, I found comfort in crafting foods from my family recipes. I would make and share these with my colleagues and friends. Impressed with the flavour and quality of my biltong and encouraged to produce more, The Original Biltong Company was born.

Our authentic family recipe can now be shared with family and friends in our passionately developed products. 

We’ve kept to tradition, because we believe the best tasting Biltong & Biltong sticks are made from simple, natural, store cupboard ingredients.

It begins with the quality of our British & Irish beef, our drying process and our secret family blend of herbs and spices. Once perfectly cured we hand select, slice and pack for freshness.

Each bite a tribute to our families before us who never cease to inspire our passion, our product, our life.”





Wayne Holsthausen, Founder.                             


Unit F, Chiltern Commerce Centre,
45 Asheridge Road, Chesham, HP5 2PY.

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