Indulge in tradition with our Original collection, featuring timeless flavours crafted with care and authenticity. Enjoy a selection of Biltong and Droewors that promise a nostalgic taste experience with every bite.

Collection: Original

Experience the essence of tradition with our Original collection, where we honour the timeless flavours that have delighted snack enthusiasts for generations. Dive into a selection of Biltong and Droewors crafted with care and authenticity, promising a taste of nostalgia with every bite.

Classic Flavour Profile: Indulge in the pure, unadulterated taste of our original Biltong and Droewors, capturing the essence of South African snacking at its finest.

Heritage and Tradition: Celebrate the rich culinary heritage of South Africa with our original snacks, lovingly prepared using traditional recipes and techniques passed down through generations.

Quality Assured: Made with premium ingredients and expert craftsmanship, our original snacks uphold the highest standards of quality, ensuring a consistently delicious snacking experience.

Versatile Enjoyment: Whether enjoyed on its own as a satisfying snack or incorporated into your favourite recipes, our original Biltong and Droewors are versatile options that never disappoint.

Time-Tested Satisfaction: Join countless snack enthusiasts who have made our original collection their go-to choice for satisfying cravings and indulging in the pure, authentic flavours they love.