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Why Biltong Is Beneficial As A Healthy Snack For A High Protein Diet

For 2018, most of us have set New Year's resolutions of detoxing, eating healthier or doing more exercise which are all great health benefits for both mind and body. Inevitably though, after a couple of lean months, the takeaway cravings come back and long gone are the healthy salads and fruit for lunch. However, Biltong is a tasty healthy snack perfect for a high protein diet that can be eaten on the go or enjoyed at home, and because it is so tasty it is something that continues to be a part of people’s healthy diet all year round.

What makes Biltong so good for a high protein diet?

Biltong is cured and spiced before it is dried, and the fact the beef is cured and not cooked means that it retains all of the great nutrients and vitamins that our bodies need. Whether you simply want a healthy snack to keep you going at the gym, need something to get through your working day without bulking or bloating your stomach or if you just want a healthy snack just to grab between meals at your home, Biltong can cater for all your needs. As well as being great for a high protein diet, here are some other health benefits of Biltong:
  • It is extremely low in saturated fats (usually averaging around 3%) which makes it a very popular choice for a weight reducing diet.
  • Because it is low in saturated fats, it is also good for your cholesterol levels.
  • Biltong is high in Vitamin B12 which is essential for healthy blood cells and successful cell replication.
  • The high protein content and low carbohydrate value means that 25g of Biltong can meet half of your daily protein requirement.
  • Because there is no sugar added, Biltong makes the ideal sugar free snack.
  • Biltong is also low in carbohydrates, which in turn reduces the sugar levels in your body and therefore your insulin needs. (Source: https://www.ditchthecarbs.com/advantages-of-a-low-carb-diet/)
  • The different spices used to flavour Biltong are all natural and ones you will be familiar with, the main spices used being salt, pepper, vinegar, coriander and paprika.
Biltong is a convenient snack that is easily stored. Due to the fact that Biltong is cured and dried, it is regularly used to be taken on long hikes as it lasts a long time. This can also benefit those who want an easy protein rich snack to take to the gym as it won’t go off in your gym bag. As well as the benefits mentioned, Biltong is the perfect healthy snack when eating for two. It is believed to improve and maintain concentration during pregnancy and also can be used for children to chew on during teething. Choosing Biltong as a regular part of your healthy diet for you and your family makes sense. It’s the perfect snack no matter if you need gluten free, high protein, low carbs or low sugar. With a variety of styles and flavours on offer, which one will you choose?
  • Original Biltong
  • Garlic Biltong
  • Piri Piri Biltong
  • Original Droewors
  • Garlic Droewors
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